Create a Mobile Website by ITE2 NAS (Part I)

Do you want to create a website that can showcase your products or works?

Or do you want a website that can show out your interest or collections? Also, lots of people viewing the site on their mobile phones right now.

So creating a mobile-friendly website is very important to this modern world.

Say, it is straightforward to create a web page on a social media website, but the social media website is built on multiple buttons, information integration, brand visual communication and so on.

So a mobile website can be more efficient in marketing and let customers or visitors quickly understand your products or ideas.

But usually, to create a mobile website cost lots of money, how can a small business owner create a mobile website without spending any budget on it?

Don’t worry, here comes the best solution for you.

ITE2 NAS can help a small business owner create a mobile website for free by a few steps!

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ITE2 NE-201 – Your Online Cloud Drive Solution!

ITE2 NE-201 – Your Online Cloud Drive Solution

Everyone sure has encountered this situation that when you are sending a large file, the file size is too large to send out by e-mail.

Or the vendor needs the data for the further process but the network has regional restrictions and cannot download that working file.

ITE2 NE-201 - Your Online Cloud Drive Solution!

No matter how much capacity claimed by different e-mail or web mail, the maximum size for the e-mail attachment is usually about 10 MB or less.

This capacity surely not enough for current e-mail users now because it is hard to transfer information.

Some people may say that they can use Google, Dropbox, or One Drive’s online cloud drive link function to send a file link to the other party. Which seems a simple solution. Sure, this is simple for countries like Taiwan or other.

But have you ever thought about when your manufacturer or colleague is in China?

Or in the country that doesn’t support the online cloud drive that we used to?

In that case, how do you send large files to them?

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Windows 10 Practical Tips – Part 2

Previously in the last article, to make everyone more familiar with Windows 10, we will continue to introduce you more Windows 10 practical tips so that everyone can use it more conveniently and quickly.

This article will mainly submit some applications and Tips on Windows 10.

For example, setting shortcuts for folders and more, let users can increase efficiency when accessing typical applications and folders.

Read the last article here: Windows 10 Practical Tip – Part 1

Windows 10 Practical Tips – Part 2

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Windows 10 Practical Tip – Part 1

Windows 10 Practical Tip. Windows 10 has been released for about 4 years.

The functions and tips provided by Windows 10 make computer users can operate a computer more convenient.

Although lots of computer users are sticks to use Windows 7 or even the older version, most of the computers have been upgraded to Windows 10.

The reason for that is because Windows 10 has lots of hardware requirements.

If the old device upgraded to Windows 10, it may affect the computer smoothness or compatibility of some software.

That’s why not all the user upgrades to Windows 10. Also, the ridiculous “automatic update,” often operate on the halfway of working or halfway when users are playing a game.

Most of the users may have experienced that familiar blue screen suddenly appears, right?

Windows 10 Practical Tip – Part 1

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